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…..just like I was here an hour and a half before you this morning.

Is what I say inside my head each time he looks at his watch when I leave at a reasonable or sensible time.

I don’t say anything remotely like that – I say night, or see you tomorrow or sometimes I say I’m off to a governors meeting or to meet a friend as if I have to justify it.

I don’t need to justify my time to this man (or any really). I haven’t missed any deadlines, haven’t missed a meeting or inconvenienced anyone; I’ll be back online later answering emails and any queries and maybe even do an hour or so more work.

What I have done is made a choice. A choice to be at my desk by 7.30 and try to leave the office before 6. Why? Because I get loads done in that sweet hour and a half before the office fills up and I’m still home I’m time to walk the dog, have supper with himself and even, sometimes go out and do stuff.

So I’m sorry that my average 9-10 hour day doesn’t match your day. But I’m not going to feel guilty for refusing to play at presenteeism to suit you.

So stop with the checking your watch when I leave, I don’t when you arrive.  Judge me on my output not on my hours at my desk.