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I’ve known for a long long time that I am a morning person.  I get my best work done before 9am and am more incisive, productive and energised in the am.

I’m also particularly productive between 4.30pm and about 7pm and find that at the end of the day I can usually get some great work done.

As I’m sure you can imagine this is a bit of a challenge in a typical 9ish to 5ish environment.  Today, I managed to be productive from about 7.30 through to 11 ish but then I came to a stop and haven’t yet been able to kick off again (its about 3).

I haven’t sat here doing nothing, I’ve organised my files, briefed a colleague on a piece of work I’d like him to undertake for me, produced a pretty illustration of the timeline for the work I’m doing, had lunch, had a good discussion about how to make our office a good place to work and a great environment when we next move.

I’ve also uploaded the photo’s from the wedding I was at this weekend, organised the chap to collect my car and transfer the funds in the morning, read a few blogs and well generally done stuff. Oh and now I’ve drafted this.

It’s not that my time has been exactly wasted but it has been frittered.  I have three documents that need to be written and finished by tomorrow afternoon.  But I started to write tosh and had a bit of a crises of confidence in my ability to deliver so will probably just pop over to Cafe Nero for a coffee and check twitter and facebook until my brain kicks back in around 4.30 and I can work again.

I was going to write about procrastination, and how being a morning person means I spend large parts of the day putting off work but well…..maybe another time.