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I was reading the brilliant HR Gem’s blog today about organisations making new employees wait 26 weeks before being able to request flexible work and it got me thinking about Trust.

So many organisation I know have Trust as one of their core values – a quick Google search brings up Avon, Alstom, Jebson, IBM and Beiersdorf (they make Nivea) all as having it as one of their stated values – but what does that actually mean?  If we are making employees wait to prove themselves a mandatory time period before requesting flexible working, or are not allowing them to work from home or are not paying them the same as others during a probationary period where is the Trust?

Now it’s important that I am not questioning any of the orgs listed above  – the just have good SEO when you search core values and Trust – but I wonder how many of them and others like them actually see Trust as going both ways.

Look at any relationship advice, including this from the experts at Relate,  and they’ll talk about trust being at the heart  – and the need for both parties to trust each other is key to a relationship being a success.  If this is true in romantic or platonic relationships isn’t it the same for work ones?

Also today  HR Magazine published this article sharing research that employees would be tempted to leave if they could have a shorter commute.  I’m with them for sure!  In fact now that we have moved out to the Cotswolds I have actively sought work that means I can work from my home office for the majority of the time I am working.  Now this is taking discipline on my part – as this is my office view and the dogs won’t walk themselves;


But the 15 second commute from my office to the garden has improved my worklife balance no end.  It’s meant I have limited the work available to me, and have had to be completely upfront with clients and potential assignments about my availability/desire to be in the office and I know this has put some folk off.  But with the technology available and the fibre broadband in our village (as well as a 4G mast – thank you thank you to the Estate for their foresight) I haven’t missed a meeting (hello Skype) or an email and have all my docs at the touch of a button (hello iCloud, dropbox et al) and I’m using Slack more and more so even in my rural bliss I feel like I’m part of the team.

For many it will be a leap of faith to really Trust their employees (both new and old) but to have a competitive advantage and to attract the best and brightest to your knowledge workforce then that’s a leap you’re going to have to take.

Gem has asked for anyone who is doing things differently to shout up – I’m echo’ing that call.  What do you think?