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A friend of mine died on Monday night. She was 37. We knew it was coming, she was told about 15 months ago that this time the cancer was incurable and she had 1-3 years.

She embraced life. She fulfilled some dreams, spent time with friends and family and battled and battled and battled.

Even though she was in hospital for the last 10 days and was unable to speak or eat and was slipping away her actual passing was still a blow. The cliches are right – it’s a terrible waste of life.

My reaction to finding out (in that horrible modern way via social media – I don’t blame her partner, who would want to phone all those people and he’s been brilliant at keeping us updated since she became unable to do so herself) was initially shock and then, well, life. I bought a dress with unicorns on, left the office at a sensible time, baked scones.

And here the next day I have an energy that’s been missing for a while. I’m still here. I have this opportunity to do more – it’s time to live. So I’m going to. I hope you do too.

(Kate had some great help in the last few years from some brilliant organisations but particularly Overgate Hospice – if you’d like to help someone else benefit from the brilliant work they do please donate here – UPDATE: there’s a problem with the Overgate page right now, not sure what it is but I’ll update the link when I do –  14/05/14)