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This morning on my commute I witnessed the sunrise, a glow of orange then yellow as the sun rose to start a bright new day.

It got me thinking about how I deal with the promise of a new day.

I’m a strong believer in leaving yesterday’s regrets or bruises in yesterday and moving forward without the weight of what has passed and can’t be changed. Dwelling, brooding, fixating on what could have been takes up an infinite amount of energy and you know what? We don’t have an infinite amount.

In order to face each new day, each new challenge. To be out best self we need to use our energy where we can make the most impact – and that’s on focusing ahead, looking forward to today not dreaming of what woulda, coulda, shoulda been.

I’m not saying forget, not saying no to reflection, remembering, learning, enjoying our past, these are all important parts of what makes us us, what helps us learn and grow and hopefully improve. But wasting energy replaying, regretting, damaging ourselves by allowing what could have been to dominate – that’s what we need to let go.

So let’s do this, breath in the promise of this bright, beautiful new day and breath out anything that is holding you back. Trust me – it’s worth it.