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I’m off to HR Tech Europe this week, I’ve been invited as part of the ‘BlogSquad’ so expect lots of tweets, blogs and storify’s from me this week on all things Worky People Tech.

As you can see from my succinct explanation of ‘worky people tech’ I’m not exactly leading edge when it comes to HR Tech.  I’m a pretty early adopter personally and embrace new tech and ways of interacting with tech quite easily.  I like my boarding pass on my phone, my weekly shop updated from my bed or the bus and delivered each week, using my hands to wave at the TV and change channels or the volume, keeping in touch with a busy mate with regular giggle fests on Google Hangout……

But at work……well I still work in a heavily paper based organisation with reams of paper sent with offer letters and employment contracts, performance reviews are completely paper based, agendas, meeting minutes.  And then the MI or Data (or lack thereof).  The way in which we are slaves to email.  The endless printouts of (death by) PowerPoint presentations.  The meetings, meetings, meetings (not to mention the meetings to decide to have a meeting).  The project management.  The people management,  The recruitment process, The list goes on……

I’m excited to see what could be – the art of the possible, but also to see what’s already there – the changes that have taken place.  I’m excited to see how technology can support other work on improved workplaces and Happiness.

I’m hopeful and interested and ready to be impressed – the blurb for the conference says:

HR Tech Europe is Europe’s most important event on how software, technology systems and collaborative tools are bringing about surmountable change in the way people and organizations work. Learn from the world’s most exciting leaders and disrupters on topics covering HR, technology, talent & recruitment, social enterprise, learning, mobile, trends, strategy and big data opportunities.

So maybe by Wednesday evening I will truly believe that The Future is Now!