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Last week I had the opportunity to speak at three different events.  The first was an event I hosted for the CIPD Central London Branch on Gender Pay Reporting.  It was a practical session proving information about the Gender Pay Reporting obligations for organisations of more than 250 Employees (that includes employees, workings, apprentices, secondees but not those who are agency workers or self employed) from Georgina Rowley, Partner in the Employment and Pensions group at DACBeachcroft.

We also covered the potential positives and negatives in terms of PR and reporting, with a great presentation from Valentina Kristensen, Head of PR & Marketing at Oaknorth Bank.  If I told you that the BBC Gender Pay Gap was only 9% would you believe it?  They had over 3000 pieces of media when they reported, and that was overwhelmingly negative.  Whereas Virgin Money reported a pay gap of over 34% and only had 60 pieces of media, which were mostly positive.  The power in reporting at the right time, with the right message and then importance of sharing this message internally (along with action plans) can’t be underplayed.

I then talked about what some organisations could do to address Gender Pay Gap issue, I talked about a number of things but at the heart of my message was data, data, data.  Collect the evidence, use that evidence to build the business case for change, challenge the behaviours and culture that have got you where you are and then measure again to check that your interventions are working.

If Georgina and Valentina agree I’ll post the deck on Slideshare for others to see – hopefully it will be useful.

So that was London on Wednesday – then on Thursday I headed back West to be the first speaker at the new Practicus community of practice HR WOW event (where WOW is Women of the West).  Annabel Hooton from Practicus had brought together a group of HRD’s from the West to talk about Next Generation HR and asked me to kick the event off  by speaking about what I see as the challenges that are coming our way.  Whilst I didn’t cover everything I did talk about a wide range of issues that I think HR need to be thinking about, these included:

  • AI & Automation
  • 4 or 5 Generations in the workplace
  • Where and how we work (what we want from out workplaces and the rise in flexible working
  • The Gig economy and portfolio careers
  • Apprenticeships, and in particular the opportunity with degree apprenticeships
  • Brexit
  • Globalisations v localisation and MAGA

It was quite the eclectic mix and generated lively debate amongst those there – I look forward to the next HR WOW event and hearing from others.

The finally I was in London again on Saturday morning for the CIPD London Student Induction, where I had been asked to speak about Personal Learning Networks and the benefits of social media.  It was a real pleasure to speak with a wide range of students from Level 3 – 7 and to share my passion for social media.  In preparing I contacted my own PLN to ask for their thoughts and advice and many of them were kind enough to contribute to a video which I shared with the students on the day.

You can watch the video here and see my full slidedeck here

I was so impressed by their levels of engagement, and despite a planned finish at 12.30 we had so many questions that we went on to just after 1pm.

It was a crazy but brilliant week, and something I want to do more of.

This week I am finishing a project for a client, ramping up on another project and hoping to spend some time at home getting a bit of order!  However there I have major FOMO as this week is also CIPD ACE and I can’t be there, the annual conference and exhibition in Manchester where there will be lots of sharing and learning – you can follow the #CIPDACE17 on Twitter and there will be great content shared by this years Blog Squad I am sure.

I’m particularly sad to be missing  the CIPD Manchester fringe event  around the Big Conversation about Families, Parents and the Workplace on Thursday morning.  If you can’t be there then make sure you follow online as I have no doubt there will be lots to learn.