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I have a few unconnected things that are on my mind today.  Just musings……

1. LinkedIn recommendations


Can someone I have never worked with or am sure I would immediately recognise in a crowded room really ‘recommend’ me as a professional?  What’s the benefit of the recommendations?  And how do I get recommended for ‘Fun’?

2. Lunch and working from home

IMG_5674 IMG_5675

Yesterday I worked straight through, a hefty plate of pancakes for breakfast and a steady supply of caffeine meant that I didn’t realise I was hungry until about 4.30.  So I stopped, took the dog out for a stomp and had some toast.  I had a pretty productive day but the afternoon was talked up with meetings (phone) with my team and their formal 121s.  I had a really productive day (despite half of it being on the phone).  I’m working from my home office again today.  I had a storming morning, got loads off the to do list and had another phone meeting.  But I needed to break, needed to get out.  So today I had a lunch date with my long suffering, ever so patient caffeine provider and we went on a little trip out.  I haven’t quite got back into the rhythm of work this afternoon yet, have a few things I really could do with getting finished today but by breaking he day I have lost my flow.

Realistically I will produce as much today as I did yesterday, possibly a bit more in terms of output – I may work longer, later as I took 90 mins out to eat a perfect juicy burger but the way in which I work is different.  Working from home can be both a distraction and an opportunity to focus, I think I flit between the two.  I wonder if there is an optimum balance?  What should working from home look like?  How to we measure success, productivity?  No one is waiting for work from me, I haven’t missed any deadlines and the tech and remote nature of my team means that I can work with them as well here as if I were in the corporate office up the A1.

Does the nature of my role currently mean that it doesn’t matter where I work, or is it more about me and the way that I work.  That I naturally share information with colleagues whether I am sat next to them or sat with the dog snoring in the background and the Chef soundtrack blaring?

3. Does working in colour help?


I don’t consider myself to be artistic, I can make a dress; bake a cake; knit a scarf  – but ask me to draw and well my brain goes into fuzz and I become visually illiterate.  But I do love stationery, and I love colour.  I love stationery so much I subscribe to the Lucky Dip Club to get my monthly fix of fabulous.

I read once, or was told, that if you work in colour you are more likely to remember it.  I have no idea if this is true but I know that I like to work in colour sometimes and that ‘drawing’ my notes from meetings and my plans for how to get things done can often give me greater clarity….see the whole picture as it were.

Maybe my productivity the last two days is linked to this?  Maybe it isn’t.  I wonder.