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When I interviewed for this role I was at the end of a long but not busy contract. It had had other pressures (no respect for HR or women or someone younger) and had been an uphill struggle and lesson in influence and patience. I’m really pleased I did it but I wasn’t sorry to leave.

So at interview I was ready for a challenge, to get my teeth into a role and deliver. Ha! After 18 months of a pretty easy ride it’s been a bit of a shock to the system.

The first few weeks were a gentle intro but the last month has made me challenge my ability to deliver. The project is big, scarily big, and there was no direction or even signposting – just a desk, some background reading and a vague instruction to crack on.

In all honesty it took me about 4 weeks to get past the fear; the inertia. I had a great sit down with the brilliant @dds180 (aka David) and tried to explain where I was – it was just all too vast. He offered some sage advice – ‘what’s the best way to eat an elephant? Piece by piece’.

So I portioned up the elephant and started to deliver. It’s deadline time and there’s been some major challenges (complete change in tender document and template – them, shingles – me). But now it’s time, so I’m working silly long hours (It’s Wednesday and so far this week I’ve done 31 hours).

Deadline looming – time to put up and shut up. Time to deliver and be that person from the interview.

Gulp – I’m heading in. Time to devour that elephant.