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Day 2 done and dusted and I’m still full of oomph (& cold to be honest). Met some of my team today and called/contacted the others. I’m all tooled up (phone, laptop etc) and raring to go.

As well as meeting some of the wider HR team I took the time to call some of the key people in the business that my team are there to work with, our internal clients or out more simply the people we are there to help. It’s a simple concept that others talk about far more eloquently than I can but at the end of the day it’s true.

I’m there to help them win new business, mobilise and transition contracts so that staff are motivated, engaged and have what they need to be successful, demobilise contracts so that staff can move smoothly and know that they are being treated well and fairly and leave feeling good about us.

I’m there to make it easy for them to manage their teams and support them in doing that. I’m there to help.

Yep there’s a bit of leading and managing and even strategy setting but that’s all worth nowt if I don’t get the ‘help’ bit right.

You could hear the smile in the voice of the chap I spoke to today when I told him this – he sounded genuinely pleased, became much more open and welcoming.

More of the same tomorrow. Bring it on.

(Traffic jams : 2 (closed road, turned over bus; cups of coffee: 3; lemsip: 2 ( plus those horrible tablets); tissues: a small rainforest; employee handbooks given: 0)