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People are awesome.

They are, honestly.  The capacity of individuals to learn, love, laugh is endless.  We all see things a little bit differently and come into situations with our own experience and view point.  Sometimes we agree and find a common view with those around us – often they are the ones we are drawn to; the ones we share a laugh with, a G&T with, a Graze box code (I know it’s not cheap but it’s like getting a present every week!).  In short we like people like us; and then there are the people where there is no common view or background these folks can be fascinating and have a great story and history and view of the world.

We’re not all classic hero’s – we haven’t all ran marathons for charity or written a book or appeared in a west end hit or cured world hunger (or in my case done any of those things), but in our way we are all different, all on our journeys and all a bit (or a lot) Awesome.

Have I lost you?  Are you wondering where I am going?

If you found yourself agreeing with the above, even if it was only a little but or even if you were wondering what on earth this might have to do with HR, then answer me this – if we accept that everyone is awesome and that we are pretty much all different why do we insist on treating everyone the same at work?

We all get the same recruitment process, the same offer, induction, policies, procedures, performance reviews (I know I know conversations, appraisals all of the above), promotion, exit – cradle to grave in most organisations we become one. An employee….but we’re not the same are we?  We’re not minions we are individuals so what can organisations do to get the best from people and get them to love what they do by bringing their best self to work?

Here’s a few ideas:

  • throw out the rule book……I don’t mean the actual rule book but that heavy tome of policies and procedures that dictate how we expect a Minion PLC employee to eat, sleep, drink, breath.  Yes we have some tactical, legal things we need to cover but on the whole we are dealing with grown ups so lets treat them with respect and its likely it’ll all be ok.
  • One size doesn’t fit all – lets personalise the recruitment and on boarding process – we’re investing a lot in these people it’s probably worth the investment of finding out how they tick and designing their personal start in any role with that in mind (no standing up and singing for the introverts please)
  • Take the time to find out how people work best and see what you can do to make that happen – I know we have businesses to run but if we can make small adjustments to help employees be successful then the return on our investment will be worth it.
  • Encourage people to share their ideas, no matter how new or how junior they are perceived to be if we all have a different viewpoint then we all see things a bit differently and we might (just might) have a bloomin brilliant idea.
  • Find a way of hearing everyone – we’ve all been there, the same voices every time, he who shouts loudest etc etc….so find a way and take the time to hear everyone
  • Finally (and most importantly) remember that people are awesome – tell them that you believe they can be awesome, show them that you believe in them and respect and trust them and until they do something to change that reap the rewards it brings.

None of this is rocket science – or new or innovative, but often the simple things aren’t.  Its simple just remember People are Awesome – a world where we are all the same might be easy to manage but limiting in many other ways.  Let’s be brave, let’s banish the minion approach and welcome diversity of view, background, opinion and style.  Let’s celebrate the difference and success a band of awesome individuals can achieve.

Enough of the minion, bring on the Avengers.



eternal optimist and HR consultant

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