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The conference is buzzing and the theatre is full as Jim Carrick-Birtwell, CEO and Changeboard and Plotr opens the conference with him welcome address.

Welcoming us to the 3rd Future Talent conference with the comment that never had there seemed to be a need for Leadership than there has before.  Leaders need to consider the geopolitical issues that impact on our business.

Business need to respond to the challenge of the technological and business changes – and how do we respond to the stress impacts of these and manage our mental health.

Learning from one another is central to becoming better leaders – Changeboard are today launching a Future Talent forum – an events based forum with dinners, masterclasses and a lecture series.  An opportunity to hear from though leaders and to network and form friendships with other leaders.

Jim finishes up with a thank you to the Changeboard team for bringing today together and asks delegates to enjoy the day,


This was live blogged so please excuse any typo’s……