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“Future Talent is important for the most obvious but deep of reasons: because the collective flourishing and success of the nation depends on properly mining the talents and interests of the next generation.” Alain de Botton, Philosopher

I’ve been asked to be part of the Blog Squad at this years Future Talent conference run by Changeboard.  I was delighted to say yes as I missed out last year due to work.

The line up of speakers this year is impressive, some of the most influential business decision-makers, practitioners, thought leaders and innovators across the globe will come together at the Saddlers Wells Theatre in early March to explore the impact of human performance on business performance.

Alongside an impressive list of business leaders including Peter Cheese from the CIPD, Amy Sawbridge from Virgin and Melanie Richards from KPMG. I am particularly looking forward to hearing from philosopher Alain de Botton talking about a Good Kind of Capitalism and how good business depends on it and from Ruby Wax, performer and mental health campaigner, talking about her book A Sane New World – which has been described as a guide to saner living.  Along with other speakers including Paralympian and 7/7 survivor Martine Wright and Sir Clive Woodward.

The agenda and speakers look like we are set for a fantastic, insightful event!  Also it gave me a great excuse to hit Amazon hard and get a whole load of new books as ‘research’ – so on my pile right now I have Sane New World and a selection of Alain de Botton.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about how businesses and business leaders can prepare for the future, be future proof even, and hopefully come away with some real insight to how I can make a difference and support our future talent.

I’ve written before about my concerns for young people and how they fit in the world of work, how the way in which we do business (and select recruits) hasn’t changed for decades and that it might be time for organisations to re think how we attract, retain and reward our people.  I’m hoping to get some ideas to support this from the day too.

With this in mind there are two other things to highlight this week:

  • Changeboard is also supporting and promoting Plotr a new website and tool created to help 11-24 year olds discover and explore careers they’ll love. It’s built around a programme called the Game which aims to uncover careers matched to their skills, interests and personality. Young people are encouraged to explore employer worlds, in depth career profiles, videos, articles and more to get a view of what the world of work is really like and find what inspires them.  It will be good to find out more about this tool too.


  • An RT appeared in my timeline this week for a blog about free coaching for young women.  I did a bit of research (well clicked a few links) and found out that the the Young Women’s Trust is offering free telephone coaching to young women (ages 18-30) through a programme called Work it Out to help build confidence and get into work.  It looks like a great resource and I hope gets plenty of support.


The Changeboard Future Talent Conference takes place on 1st March 2016 at Saddlers Wells Theatre in London, more information is available here and you can get tickets here you can follow updates about the conference on twitter by following @FutureTalentNow or @Changeboard or follow #futuretalentconf