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I’m between assignments at the moment and taking stock – thinking about what I want to do, what sort of work I enjoy and what makes me happy.

Yep that’s right Happy – not just what’s the most lucrative, what does my history and experience say I have to do but what do I enjoy, what feels worthwhile and what drives me.  It’s been interesting as I haven’t really thought that way for a few years.

I was bouncing from gig to gig doing good work, with good people and actually pretty chuffed with my results but my last two contracts left me both physically and mentally drained.  You see they weren’t really HR roles – one was an Head of Franchise Management for a rail Bid -this included all the HR activity but also included sustainability, stakeholder engagement and safety and security.  Area’s I was happy working in and around but not….well not my core skill.

Then I moved to a Transformation project management role – needed my HR experience and skills for this but was managing the project rather than doing the activity and missed actually getting to use my HR skills and experience to move the project forward.  instead I was Chief Herder of Cats and did a lot of work on comms and engagement.  Now don’t get me wrong I love the comms activity but it’s not my core skill.  I can write employee comms, can come up with ideas for campaigns, products and work with creatives to come up with concepts and proposals but it’s not where I can really add value.

So having taken April to myself to regenerate (I hadn’t had time off between contracts since October 2015 and had only had one real holiday in that time) I’ve taken some time to really think about what it is that I enjoy doing – and as a result am good at.

It’s quite simple in the end (funny hey!) I enjoy helping organisations to get the best from their people.  Be that through supporting change, organisation development, day to day business partnering, setting strategic direction and goals then forming the people plans to get us there, seeing individuals and teams develop, bringing organisations together after contract wins or acquisition or winning and mobilising contracts.  I’m good at working with people to develop their HR solution, be that the team, the basic policy, procedure, process etc or one off discreet pieces of work that align with overall approaches.

So that’s what I’m going to do – I’m going to work with the fabulous folk at Grow the People to support organisational change, development and transformation whilst also looking for senior HR roles where I can really add value and make a difference.  I’m going to get busy and get happy.



Amanda is a senior HR Consultant specialising in supporting change, creative organisational development and transformation. She is the lead consultant on the Grow the People brand, where she designs and facilitates workshops on leadership. She’s a Fellow of the CIPD with over 20 years HR experience which started in Leeds with Eversheds Solicitors. Amanda is an active member of the CIPD London and wider HR community as a committee member for the Central London CIPD Branch, a Steps Ahead Mentor, Diversity Champion and and Enterprise Adviser. If you’d like to work with Amanda or discuss a potential project please email her at