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It’s such a simple thing to change and when I implemented it they all said it was so easy and such an improvement they didn’t know why they hadn’t done it before.

They were waiting for permission; waiting for someone to allow them to. I didn’t wait I saw something I thought was a waste of time, had a negative impact on the people we were trying to communicate with and bring into our business and I changed it. Maybe I am longer in the tooth so I have less fear, or maybe it’s my status as an interim that allows me to say ‘hey lets just do it’. I think it’s more about the fact that I have always worked this way – the fab Doug Shaw say’s proceed until apprehended and I think that’s probably how I work.

I can see how it got the way it did; 3 forms needed by 3 different parts of the function each needed slightly differing data. But 90% of them needed the same data. So instead of just adding to the first form we used the three forms that each team needed meaning that employees transferring had to complete the same information in triplicate. The forms were developed to meet their need but in a silo. Now we have one form – the core information followed by the three specific pieces each team needs. The pack of forms is now 6 pages shorter (yep six blooming pages) and no one is rolling their eyes wondering why they are giving us the same information time and time again. The forms are scanned and emailed to those that need – so no duplicate paper and hey presto the system works.

There’s a number of other things like this that I have been doing since I moved into this role, trying to improve not only the process but the experience. And you know what it seems to be working……

We now have a core suite of legal documents (dull but employment legislation doesn’t help us here), a standard mobilisation base plan, a new set of forms and information for the 121 pack (still being improved but so much better), a new welcome presentation taking away pages of bullet points and using video and images to tell our story.

There’s more to do but we’ve done so much with what are really only minor tweaks.

So what would you do to improve things? What forms can you chuck out?