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We had an ‘innovation workshop’ last week – it’s in quotes as I didn’t name it.

The plan was bring a team of minds together to come up with ideas, initiatives and innovations for how we might employ, manage, develop and deploy our people better in the future.

I’d had quite clear instructions from my MD – we ‘re looking to shake it up, redefine how we ‘do people’ in our industry. Nothing is off limits, there are no sacred cows. Exciting right?

I set the scene, outlined both the premise and potential.

Introductions over a colleague, the HRD from one of the JV companies, launched into a we’re not looking to break anything this is about evolution not revolution. We’re inheriting a great team and a good function we want to grow this.

Whilst I screamed internally externally I was clear. I disagreed, this is about revolution. This is about changing the way we do things around here with a clear mandate from the government department responsible that they are looking for new ideas, innovation. And yes revolution.

It wasn’t a great start. We moved forward. I attempted to be respectfully disruptive and in the three hour session was only told three times ‘that’ll never work in this industry’.

I’ve written up my notes, there are sparks of ideas, some potential thoughts to follow up and see if we can make changes but the fundamentals, the things that could really affect a positive change? Well they may be a step too far.

I’m not done – not by a long way, but this revolution may have to take more time to build. Anyone with me?