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This morning I have already advised caution, suggested that we act proportionally and came very close to telling someone to calm down.

Now if you have read much of my blog you may be aware that I can be Queen of ALL the drama but if I can advise you anything it’s take some time – take a breath and exercise some caution.

Not every situation is exactly as it looks when you first see it – look inside see the nuances, the back story, the not so obvious facts that are quietly sitting there and not the sensational ones at the front shouting LOOK AT ME, ME ME ME.

Yes there are times when it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck but we do ourselves and those we work with a disservice if we don’t take a moment to check and breath.

The situation this morning is a bit more serious than a feathered friend but the potential for escalation and causing a stir was there.  A conference call was arranged as a matter of urgency – 3 more people than needed to be there were invited; the invitation title was sensational and would set alarm bells ringing in the most level headed.  There were whispers in the office among those that weren’t involved but somehow knew what was going on. On the call there was talk of specialists and investigations and the small (ish) circle that knew what was going on was at risk of rippling to a much larger audience.

So I stopped it.  I listed the facts, stopped the scaremongering.  Made it clear that this was not to be shared further as it was not necessary and would be gosssip which was not only unprofessional but distasteful.  There would be a proportionate response. We would be sensible and calm and fair.

Interestingly there was a sense of disappointment – no was was going to get to be Colombo. There was no drama, just an unfortunate situation which was dealt with quietly and sensitively and we can now call move on.  No drama.

It’s not the fun option, or possibly even the popular one.  But its the right thing to do.  No need to Panic.