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2011-11-21 07.16.09

This was meant to be a New Year post – not a new year new me post but a turn of the page, day one, blank sheet, seize the opportunity type post.

But the truth is I am sat here on day 5 of a stinking cold and not feeling overly able to fill that page, reach my potential or offer any words of wisdom.  So I won’t.  And whilst I would usually feel guilty I’ve decided not to.  Yep that simple.  I have decided to allow myself the freedom to be under par and to allow my body (and mind) to use it’s resources to fight this darn cold and heal after my tattoo session earlier today.

Yep I chose catching up with Luther under a blanket with a snoring dog beside me and a hot mug of tea.

Maybe this is a new year new me – maybe I am going to live by the words on my wall (above).

Happy New Year  – if you see me don’t expect a new years kiss I’m contagious!