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This week two worlds collide and as well as taking time to give thanks for the good in my life I turn 41. Thursday will be a perfect mix of NFL and cake.

Firstly how the frak did that happen? That’s properly grown up right? I have to start brushing my hair and wearing makeup everyday now don’t I?

It’s also a very big week at work. We head into the last 4 weeks of the major project I’ve been working on and are getting down to the numbers nitty gritty. We have a series of gatekeeper reviews with the parent company in HK and there’s a new tension in the air.

For me it’s about moving away from the heart of what I’ve proposed and back to the numbers – the why, the ROI. I had a preview of the type if information that is asked for at gatekeeper review and on the face of it they are looking for data. How many, how much, risk of, impact of, a few what ifs.

This is in the context of a very different employment culture and experience and where they are used to data rooms actually containing data.

We have scant data – some numbers, some contracts but much of what we know is based on experience, best guess or information gathered through ex employees of the incumbents. We’ve scraped around a limited amount of data and tried to form a picture -join the dots.

I think we’ve been reasonably successful and have a well worked, thoughtful delivery plan and solution; this however will not I fear meet the expectations of the gatekeepers.

So rather than preparing a defense I’m going on offense. I’m pulling together my play book and putting in place a game plan. Preparing my first few plays, studying the form of the other side and seeing how to score. Game face. Game time.